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The History of Wolverton Telephone Company

Wolverton Telephone Company (WTC) was established in 1946 by David Johnson and his two sons Millard and Darrel. At that time, WTC only provided local telephone service for Wolverton and Christine. In the 1950s, WTC started providing local service for the community of Walcott. Party lines, having at times up to 18 customers per line, were the format for early telephone service. In the early 1960s, single line dial service replaced the party lines, and local calling was added to the Fargo-Moorhead area in 1983. This provided WTC with a new customer base for future services, such as the Internet. In the early 1990s, WTC converted its system to digital switching technology and fiber optic connectivity, allowing WTC to offer advanced services. Mathew and Paul Ihland purchased WTC from the Millard Johnson family in 2001. Polar Communications, headquartered in Park River, ND, purchased WTC from Mathew and Paul Ihland and began serving customers in October 2004.

WTC provides numerous communications products to the communities of Wolverton, MN, Christine, ND and Walcott, ND and surrounding areas, including Fargo-Moorhead. Some of these services include Local and Long Distance Telephone, Dial-up and High Speed Internet Access, White & Yellow Page Advertising, Advanced Business Solutions and much more.

Our Mission

Polar Communications is an exceptional provider of voice, video, and broadband services in the Red River Valley and surrounding area. The services provided are the result of superior customer service combined with state-of-the-art network technologies.

Our Core Values

Technology & Innovation
Polar prides itself consistently being able to offer the most up to date services and technologies available to the customers that we serve to insure a strong and healthy exchanges for all the customers that we serve.

People Driven
We are committed to insuring the success of both our fellow employees and customers by focusing on building and maintaining relationships that are respectful, honest and professional consistently.

Success is built in relationships. Through respect, encouragement, and collaboration we will be a strong united team that completes great things together.

By displaying commitment and pride in and for our Company, we will improve the customer and community in which we serve.