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Looking for a challenging position with one of the nation’s leaders in rural telecommunications? Consider a career with Polar Communications. At Polar Communications, we strive to make our company a great place to work and our communities a great place to live.

Please check our career listings below to see what opportunities are available.

To apply, please send required Polar Communications application, letter of interest and resume to:
Polar Communications
Attn: HR Administrator
PO Box 270
Park River, ND 58270-0270

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Board of Directors

Applications for the Polar Communications Board of Directors will be accepted for the election to be held during Polar’s Annual Members Meeting on June 6, 2019. Positions to be filled are as follows:

District 1 – Position currently held by Amber Meyer is up for re-election.
District 2 – Position currently held by Jon McMillan is up for re-election.
District 3 – Position currently held by Cindy Hejl is up for re-election.


1. Any qualified member meeting the requirements of Section 3, Article IV of the company by-laws may request an application and petition from the cooperative headquarters. The forms can be picked up at Polar’s front desk or can be found on Polar’s website at www.thinkpolar.com.

2. Members shall submit a completed application and a petition containing a minimum of thirty (30) signatures of cooperative members from the district in which the applicant resides. Please note that a husband and wife constitute one membership. Either spouse may sign the petition as a member; however, the signature of a husband and wife on the petition may only be counted as one.

3. Completed applications and petitions should be submitted by March 22, 2019, at 4:00p.m. to Polar Communications, Attn: Shari Flanders, PO Box 270, Park River, ND,58270. Please contact Shari at 701.284.4343 with questions or email sflanders@polartel.com.

4. All nominations by petition are subject to verification. Once verification is complete, the candidate will be notified and their name will appear on the ballot at Polar’s Annual Members Meeting.

To find the service areas that make up each district, please refer to Article IV, Section 2 of the bylaws of Polar Communications found in your telephone directory.

Director Application

Director Petition