Business Services

Polar Communications can help your business run smoother with today’s technology tools.

Telephone Communications Systems

Polar Communications sells and supports PBX and Key Systems. We will help you determine what system your office requires and do the complete installation, from cabling to on-desk equipment. These systems can provide all the great calling features you need, such as call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling and direct inward dial (DID) services, so that you can transfer calls to different extensions. We’re a local company who can provide on-site support of these systems as needed.

For more information about these systems, contact Polar Communications, or visit Avaya or NEC on the web.

Broadband Internet

Information when you need it. Entertainment when you want it. Our broadband Internet services are an always-on connection with speeds up to 200Mbs!  Find out more now.

Public Address Communications Systems

Does your business need a loudspeaker paging system to notify employees of phone calls or let them know they are needed back at their desk? Polar Communications can handle all your requirements of installing a public address system for your business.

Security Systems

Polar Communications can help to make your property and possessions more secure. We sell and support alarm systems, including systems with closed circuit TV (cctv) and 24-hour alarm center coverage. Let our systems help you feel more secure about your property.

Data Communications Systems & Services

Polar Communications has network technicians on staff who can help make your life easier. We offer many services for both your home and your office. Although we don’t sell or service computers, we can install data cabling in your home or office as needed. Then we’ll send out a technician to install network interface cards (NICs) in the computers and create your very own local area network. Your business can save money by having several computers share the same printer or Internet access over a network. As your local phone company, we’ll be here to support your system and your business into the future.