E-Statement FAQs

What is E-statement?
E-statement is a service provided by Polar Communications that allows you to check your bill online. Not only can you view your bill, you can sort it according to numbers called, view the calls you’ve made that have not yet been billed, download your statement and much more! E-statement from Polar Communications is easy to use, free of charge and can be accessed through Polar Communications’ website at any time.

Do I need to register to use E-statement?
On Polar Communications’ homepage, click on E-bill. Click on Create A New Login and enter the appropriate information to create an account. Click on Create Login and an e-mail will be sent to you to complete registration.

Can other people look at my E-statement?
Polar Communications’ E-statement services are password protected. The only way another person could view your account is if you release your password.

Can I change my password for E-statement?
Login to E-statement and then click on Change Profile. Follow the prompts to change your password.

I have some other questions about using E-statement. Can I get more help?
Login to E-statement and then click on FAQ for a listing of other Frequently Asked Questions. As with all of our services, if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Local Phone FAQs

What is the basic monthly rate for local phone service?
The basic monthly rate varies, depending on the exchange. Please contact Polar Communications for specific billing rates.

What are all these other charges on my bill?
Please contact Polar Communications for answers regarding specific charges.

Why is my first month’s bill so high?
The first bill includes installation fees, the regular (partial) month billing and 1 month advance billing.

Can I buy phone headsets from Polar Communications?
Yes, Polar Communications stocks several models of phone headsets.

Can I get caller ID?
Yes, caller ID and many other calling features are available to all Polar Communications exchanges. Polar Communications also has caller ID units and phones available for purchase.

Can I get voice mail, so I don’t have to use an answering machine?
Yes, voice mail is available on residential or business phone services. Voice mail can be accessed remotely from any phone, anywhere.

I called MCI to change my long distance carrier. Why am I still getting billed by my old long distance company?
When changing your long distance carrier, you also need to notify Polar Communications so that we change that information in our switch. Otherwise you will continue getting billed by the previous long distance carrier.

What is a PIC freeze?
This is a freeze on your pre-subscribed interexchange carrier (PIC), basically your long distance carrier, so that it cannot be changed without your consent. There have been some instances where long distance carriers have tried to add customers to their base without notifying the customers.

Why do I have to notify Polar Communications when I start or buy a business entity, but keep the same name and phone number?
We create a new member number for each residential or business account. These member numbers are used for tracking capital credits.

What are capital credits and when are they paid out?
Capital credits are dividends paid to our customers. Each June and December, Polar Communications pays out capital credits to its members, depending on the company’s financial well being. Capital credits may be returned in full at age 75 or to the estate of a deceased person.

Advanced Services FAQs

I love my broadband connection at home, but I have two computers. Can I set up a network so that both computers can access the Internet?
Yes, you can set up a network at home with an inexpensive router. Each computer would need a network interface card (NIC) to connect to the router. Our Special Services Dept. can install NIC’s and a router for you. Call Polar Communications at 284-7221 (800-284-7222) to get all the details. Network Solutions XML Manual can be found here.

Broadband FAQs

Where is broadband available?
Broadband is available throughout Polar’s entire service territory. Contact our service center to set up an installation at your location.

What are the rates & speeds for broadband?
Click here for broadband information.

Do I need a certain modem for broadband?
You need a DSL modem that is compatible with Polar Communications’ DSL Network. Polar Communications sells DSL modems for $99.00 or you can lease a modem for $3.95/month. No modem is required if you have a fiber connection.

Can two computers use broadband simultaneously?
Yes, with a combination modem/router. If you have a modem with only 1 LAN port, you?ll need to install a router to connect both computers to the Internet. When scheduling your installation, a Customer Service Representative will be happy to help you with modem & router purchasing or leasing options.

How do I access my e-mail using broadband?
You will need to set up your software mail program with your username and password that is provided by Polar Communications. If you need help with this, call the Internet Help Desk at 888-700-POLAR (888-700-7652). You can also login to webmail from any computer.

What is the maximum size email I can send out?
The outgoing email size is limited to 30Mb.

How much does it cost to get broadband?
Installation is $150.00 with a 6 month signed contract.

Can I use broadband with my wireless router?
Yes, if the router is compatible with our modem. If you need help setting up the wireless router, Polar Communications can help. This is considered a networking service and is billed at $100 per hour.

Am I protected from hackers or viruses when I have broadband?
You would need to install a firewall to protect from hackers and viruses. Polar Communications highly recommends the use of a firewall. A firewall is any device or software program that prevents unauthorized access to your computer or network. Getting and maintaining the firewall is the user’s responsibility. Polar Communications can assist in most cases with a charge of $100 an hour. For viruses, Polar Communications does have an email scanner implemented with an automatic virus scanner on all incoming emails. Viruses can still be received through accessing certain websites or by downloading files off the internet. Polar Communications is not liable for any unauthorized access or viruses obtained.

Polar Communications offers anti-virus and spyware protection through Secure IT from Security Coverage. SecureIT is much easier than retail boxed solutions! SecureIT is only $5.95 per month. We also offer a supported remote installation for the one-time charge of $24.95.

With the supported install, a Security Coverage technician will remotely install the software on your computer. If your computer has a virus or other malicious software already on it, you will be offered an additional fee for our technician to remove the security threat.

Along with the anti-virus and spyware protection, you also receive managed microsoft operating system patch management, integrated pop-up blocker and hard drive optimization and maintenance. System requirements for SecureIT Plus include:

  • Operating System – Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/2000
  • Processor – Pentium III or better processor (32-bit)
  • Hard Disk Space – 200 MB free space
  • System Memory – 128 MB RAM (512 MB for Vista)
  • Internet Connection – High Speed or Dial-Up Internet

Click here for more information on SecureIT Plus.

What are the advantages of broadband from Polar Communications?
Polar Communications offers SPAM filtering, virus scan and webmail for your e-mail account. For the SPAM and Virus scan, Polar Communications uses a Message Center for your e-mail to come to first. This is where your spam and e-mails with viruses can be filter before it hits your inbox, protecting you and your computer! We also provide free webmail to our broadband customers. Webmail allows you to access your e-mail anywhere or anytime with any computer that has internet access. Click here to access your webmail. Polar Communications also offers 500 megabits of space to use for web pages. As in all services, Polar Communications provides the convenience of having all of your services on one bill.

General Internet Information

Incoming mail server: mail.polarcomm.com
Outgoing mail server: mail.polarcomm.com

How do I change my e-mail password?
Click here to start webmail, then log in with your username and password. Along the left side of the screen, choose Email Settings, then type your current password and your new password twice and click Update Password. Now your password is changed. If you use a mail software program such as Outlook Express or Eudora, you will need to change your password setting there, so that your mail will be delivered to the software properly.

I have Polar Communications Internet service at home, but I would also like to be able to check for e-mail while I am at work or out of town. Can I do this?
You can check your mail using our webmail feature any place that you can access the Internet. Just start the Internet browser and type in the following address: https://mail.polarcomm.com/. You will be prompted for your Polar Communications e-mail username and password.

Web Hosting Information & FAQs

Polar Communications has two web hosting packages:Web Host 50 and Web Host 100. In either case, the customer must register the domain before Polar Communications can host it.

Web Host 1GB
Polar Communications will provide 1GB disk space for a customer’s web page, Domain Name Services (DNS) and five e-mail accounts. This does not include the Internet service or personal e-mail accounts. There is a one-time set-up charge of $35 and a monthly fee of $9.95.
Web Host 2GB
Polar Communications will provide 2GB disk space for a customer’s web page, Domain Name Services (DNS) and ten e-mail accounts. This does not include the Internet service or personal e-mail accounts. There is a one-time set-up charge of $35 and a monthly fee of $19.95.

Please e-mail us at webmaster@polarcomm.com or call us at 701-284-7221 (800-284-7222) for more information regarding web hosting. If you have any questions about these web services, please contact our Internet Help Desk at 888-700-POLAR (888-700-7652).

What is a DNS service?
A Domain Name Server (DNS) service translates domain names (e.g., www.polarcomm.com) to IP adresses (e.g., which is how computers find each other in the world. It also steers email to the appropriate e-mail servers.

What is a static IP?
This service is for business broadband customers. They can choose to use a dynamic IP address or a static IP address. If a customer wants to host their own website, they will need to get a static IP address for their broadband connection from Polar Communications.

What is e-mail hosting?
If you would like your e-mail address to match your domain name (e.g., jdoe@mybusiness.com), Polar Communications can provide e-mail hosting to meet that need. You will still get all the great features of a Polar Communications e-mail account, such as webmail and Postini (virus protection and spam filter), but your e-mail address will be more personalized for your business.

How do I create a personal web page?
Customers need to use HTML software. Many of these software packages allow you to design your page in either HTML code or in design mode, which is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode. Generally this software needs to be purchased, but there are several available for 30-day trials. To view a very basic set of instructions for creating a regular web page and publishing it on Polar Communications’ server, click here.

Universal Service (USF) FAQs

The United States Congress authorized the FCC to implement the Universal Service Fund (USF). The USF is mandated by Section 254 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

What is the Universal Service Fund?

The USF is a government administered fund, not a government paid fund, to support the provision of telecommunications services in rural and high cost areas, low income consumers and to schools, libraries and healthcare facilities nationwide. All telecommunications customers contribute to the USF on an equal basis.

How does it work for Polar Communications?

The Universal Service High-Cost program, of which Polar is a part of, is designed to ensure that consumers in rural, insular, and high-cost areas have access to telecommunications services at rates that are affordable and reasonably comparable to those in urban areas. The program fulfills this universal service goal by allowing eligible carriers who serve these areas to recover some of their operating costs from the federal Universal Service Fund. The fund reimbursement is based only on local phone service subscriptions.

What has changed?

The FCC order released on November 18, 2011, established annual benchmarks for how much must be charged for local service by USF high cost program participants to remain eligible for the program.

Why don’t you just opt-out of the USF program?

If we gave up the support funds we receive, local rates we would need to charge would rise significantly higher than the mandated minimums issued in the FCC order. Our cooperative serves almost 4,000 square miles, a vast majority of which is rural, high cost service areas. The fund was created to ensure access to telecommunication services at rates comparable to urban areas, but that would not be feasible without the funding we have received through this program.

Will I continue to be required to subscribe to a line of local phone service to receive broadband Internet and Cable TV services?

Yes. Since the FCC continues to base USF reimbursement on local phone line subscriptions, we must keep this requirement in place. If we did not require a phone line subscription, the cooperative would not receive USF funding and the rate for broadband Internet and Cable TV service would have to be adjusted accordingly, which would result in rates at least four times that of the current monthly service. We do anticipate changes to this requirement in the future, but it will need to remain in place as long as USF is based only on local phone networks.

What has Polar Communications done with the USF funding it has received?

Exactly what the program was intended for. Maintaining our existing telecommunications network to provide reliable services and upgrade it to offer advanced communication services.

We were one of the first in the country to upgrade our network so that all customers, no matter how rural, could receive broadband Internet services. We also were one of the first to offer television services with broadband Internet and telephone services over the same network. At the same time, we’ve maintained affordable rates on all of the services we provide, comparable to those you would find in Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York.

What about rates?

While the rate of local phone service will be increasing, it still remains less expensive when compared to local telephone service from a cable company or wireless service provider.

What has Polar Communications done to resolve the problem?

State and national industry organizations that we are members of have been actively lobbying for rural telecommunication providers.  Unfortunately, there are many competing interests involved and this recent FCC order will hurt you, our cooperative and rural Americans across the country. We will continue to support lobbying efforts aimed at creating a USF that achieves its mission as the law states. Until further changes are made, we must operate within the existing regulations as a USF high cost participant.

Who can I call to voice my concerns?

You may contact the Federal Communications Commission, your US Senator, or US House of Representative. Please share your experiences with our cooperative providing you access to advanced communication services and encourage them to seek Universal Service Fund reform that is less onerous to rural Americans and rural communication service providers.


Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554


Senator John Hoeven
338 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Congressman Kevin Cramer
B40C Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20515


Kelly Armstrong
1004 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515